Welcome to the Solace of Simple Solutions!

Here our impatience and annoyance with the shortcomings of our favorite post-production tools is transformed into actual solutions.

Right now, a few plugins are already available for download. If you have suggestions for other products, place them on the future ideas page.

Feathered Crop Power Window Pure Contrast
Simple Mask Temperature Vignette
simple-mask_intro feature
music-fi Editing Non-scripted Projects: Music Video
Even though I’ve edited a lot of trailers and commercials, where music played an important part, I had never had an opportunity of working on an actual music video. Thanks to a fortunate coincidence, I was recently contacted by a young singer, Oktawia Kawęcka, who had just recorded a cover…
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Creating Thumbnails Has Never Been Easier
One of the byproducts of my work on THAT Studio Panel extension for Premiere Pro and After Effects has been an After Effects script that would generate a massive amount of thumbnails for video files. The initial idea to use it to prepare Panel assets did get scrubbed along the…
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PEVs 01 PEV01 – An Introduction to Performance Enhancing Visual Effects
The term “Performance Enhancing Visual Effects” (PEVs) or “Performance Based Visual Effects” was coined by Alan E. Bell, the editor of (500) Days of Summer, The Amazing Spider-Man”, and most recently The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and two parts of Mockingjay. It encompasses all manipulations of the source material aimed…
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resolve-editing-feature Resolve 12 Editing Experience
Full disclosure: I was offered a full version of Resolve Studio from Blackmagic Design in exchange for this review with no other strings attached. While this perk might have influenced my opinion about the company and the product, it’s no secret that I have liked Resolve for a long time,…
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ibc2015-feature IBC 2015 Highlights
Visiting the city of Amsterdam and attending the largest broadcast and film-related trade show in Europe somehow became for me my personal New Year. The fact that it coincides with the end of the holidays certainly helps in this regard. This year’s IBC seemed a bit smaller than the previous…
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feature-convergence-iii The Inevitable Convergence III – The NLE/Grading Edition
With the introduction of Resolve 12, suddenly the race towards a unified NLE/Grading tool become very interesting. It’s hard to argue, that colour correction and grading became an integral part of post-production workflow. It’s also seemingly one of the low-hanging fruits, as opposed to visual effects and audio. Let’s see…
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ui-feature The Bane of UI Minimalism
I am appalled at some trends in the User Interface design these days. Touch screen devices became an entrenched market a couple years ago, and suddenly everyone and their mother decided to optimise the User Experience (UX) to take into account this new animal. Nothing bad about the general idea,…
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VFX Reel For 2015
It so happened, that for the past year I did less actual editing, and much more visual effects work. It's only prudent to showcase it as a new VFX reel. Here it goes then: http://youtu.be/0rzg58I25sw
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lookat-feature Look At My Video
The days of using Vimeo or Dropbox for video review are very quickly coming to an end. True, it still works, and in many cases it is still free of charge, but the only thing that either of these two offers is the ability to play the uploaded video files…
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