Welcome to the Solace of Simple Solutions!

Here our impatience and annoyance with the shortcomings of our favorite post-production tools is transformed into actual solutions.

Right now, a few plugins are already available for download. If you have suggestions for other products, place them on the future ideas page.

Feathered Crop Power Window Pure Contrast
Simple Mask Temperature Vignette
simple-mask_intro feature
feature-convergence-iii The Inevitable Convergence III – The NLE/Grading Edition
With the introduction of Resolve 12, suddenly the race towards a unified NLE/Grading tool become very interesting. It’s hard to argue, that colour correction and grading became an integral part of post-production workflow. It’s also seemingly one of the low-hanging fruits, as opposed to visual effects and audio. Let’s see…
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ui-feature The Bane of UI Minimalism
I am appalled at some trends in the User Interface design these days. Touch screen devices became an entrenched market a couple years ago, and suddenly everyone and their mother decided to optimise the User Experience (UX) to take into account this new animal. Nothing bad about the general idea,…
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VFX Reel For 2015
It so happened, that for the past year I did less actual editing, and much more visual effects work. It's only prudent to showcase it as a new VFX reel. Here it goes then: http://youtu.be/0rzg58I25sw
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lookat-feature Look At My Video
The days of using Vimeo or Dropbox for video review are very quickly coming to an end. True, it still works, and in many cases it is still free of charge, but the only thing that either of these two offers is the ability to play the uploaded video files…
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Adobe-nuke Rumours That Leave Some Terrified…
When the news first came out that The Foundry is going to be available for sale in 2015, and my friend told me that there were rumours that Adobe might be interested in acquiring it, at first I dismissed it as rather unlikely. However, this week, first an Adobe employee…
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CI Layer Stripper Layer Stripper – It’s Not What You Think It Is
As I'm getting ready for this year's NAB, I think it's great time to release a new nifty tool for After Effects - CI Layer Stripper. This script deftly removes all unused layers from your project - the ones that are not visible, and not referenced by other layers as parents,…
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tragedy-feature A Meaning of Tragedy
Michael Bay’s “The Rock” is a movie that I hold very dear to my heart, perhaps his only movie that I have positive feelings for. My infatuation started with an amazing soundtrack by Nick Lennie-Smith, Harry Greyson-Williams and Hans Zimmer, and only grew with a few memorable scenes: the opening, the…
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Trim N Collect Finally a Viable After Effects Archive Solution
While developing Conform Studio I stumbled upon an application of the CS Extract script which I considered interesting, but did not have enough time to code and test properly. It was only a matter of time when other people attempted to use the Studio in this manner, therefore I even…
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simplicity-feature Simplicity Overdone
I was hoping to bring you something more than my ramblings about the user interface overhaul in the latest Adobe release, but unfortunately it looks like the interview with the User Experience (UX) team will not be forthcoming, despite initial positive reactions. My impatience has caught up with me, and…
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clip-markers-feature Premiere Pro Clip Markers – Solved!
I've written a lot about Premiere Pro and metadata. Surprisingly, almost as an after thought, the solution was shipped in the October 2014 release of Creative Cloud applications. It is hiding in the preference panel under the "Media" tab, and is called "Write clip markers to XMP". I believe this…
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move-anchor-feature Move That Anchor!
Being a casual After Effects user I find myself sometimes creating an animation path only to find out that I need to later reposition the anchor point of the layer to add rotation or scale. To my surprise, even with the abundance of AE Scripts on the market, I could…
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What Is Most Important For Stereo 3D
This year's IBC gave me an opportunity to experience two very different kinds of 3D projection. One was Douglas Trumbull's short movie "Ufotog", and another the projection of "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" on 6P Christie laser projector and Dolby Atmos sound system. I have been exposed to…
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SpeedGrade Is Photoshop SpeedGrade Is Like Photoshop
Quite often I hear from new users that SpeedGrade is not intuitive, difficult, and completely different from any other Adobe application. Curious but unaware people are quickly discouraged by its seemingly complicated and impenetrable interface. In some sense this is true, there are complex and dark places in SpeedGrade frequented…
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Long Journey To Subtlety
Metaphors have never been my strong suit. In high school I took two terms of classes dedicated to general film knowledge, which culminated with the analysis of Volker Schlondoff's "The Voyager", based on Max Frisch's novel "Homo Faber", and then Peter Weir's "Witness". I did a decent job at it,…
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