Welcome to the Solace of Simple Solutions!

Here our impatience and annoyance with the shortcomings of our favorite post-production tools is transformed into actual solutions.

Right now, a few plugins are already available for download. If you have suggestions for other products, place them on the future ideas page.

Feathered Crop Power Window Pure Contrast
Simple Mask Temperature Vignette
simple-mask_intro feature
conform-studio Nuke Studio For After Effects
When I first saw the demonstration of Nuke Studio shown on NAB, with each new feature I was thinking: yes, this is exactly as it should be done. This is precisely how Dynamic Link should work from the get go in Adobe applications. Congratulations to The Foundry for making it…
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The Strange Maths of After Effects Timecode
For past few weeks I've been developing for That Studio a number of scripts for After Effects which are supposed to make one's life easier, when dealing with an edit in Premiere that requires handling of more than a couple of VFX shots. One thing that surprised me is that…
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hiero-fix How To Fix Hiero XML Export For Premiere… Sort Of
Some time ago, if you ever tried to export XML from Hiero to Premiere, you got a generic importer error message and that was it. This issue - audio related - was thankfully fixed in later versions of Hiero. However, another hydra reared its ugly head, and this time attempted…
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convergence2 The Inevitable Convergence – Episode II
In the aftermath of IBC 2013 I wrote about the inevitable convergence of various software packages. It was easy to see how various vendors began expanding their packages into areas beyond the primary intended roles. NAB 2014 confirms this ongoing trend, and breeds more and more interesting solutions at various…
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EditStock This Is The Footage You Are Looking For
Teaching editing is hard. Teaching editing on-line is seemingly impossible. And yet, there is a person who came up with ingenious idea how to go about it. And after some thought and experimentation, I have a firm belief, that Misha Tenenbaum's EditStock.com is doomed to succeed. Mind you, when I'm…
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It’s the Feature Countdown…
Like last year around NAB, this time Adobe announced the preview of the upcoming release of its Digital Video Applications (DVA) which include Premiere Pro, After Effects, SpeedGrade, Media Encoder, Prelude and Audition. You can read the general overview of the new features in a few places (Creative Cow, fxguide,…
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Showcasing an Adobe Workflow
Recently, after I was forced to go all freelance, I've been doing quite a lot of editing and VFX work for Kanen Flowers and his company That Studio. You might have already seen the teaser that we did for his new upcoming movie with the cryptic title "18:20", but perhaps…
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ProRes Encoding on Windows Finally Feasible
For quite some time one of the holy grails of multi-platform support has been the ability of encoding ProRes codecs on Windows. Or the lack thereof. True, there were makeshift solutions based on ffmpeg encoder that required either a knowledge of command line scripting or the use of other open…
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speedgrade_primaries SpeedGrade Tutorial – Quick Primaries
There is an order of operations that makes primary grade in SpeedGrade relatively easy. Here's a short tutorial showing it: http://youtu.be/rREyCJFpM_0 And to recap: Use Contrast and Pivot to get your green channel into the proper range Use Offset to level the black point Use Temperature to line up the…
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A Solution To The Clip Markers Issue In Premiere
Update: This issue has been resolved in the October 2014 CC release. See the my short tutorial. Some of you may have already stumbled upon the issue of clip markers disappearing from the project files in Premiere. There is a solution to that: give Premiere read-only access to the media.…
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forays_fi Forays Into the Contrast Land
Contrast is simple, right? A juxtaposition of two or more elements having markedly different features makes them stand out. What can be complicated about that? Turns out, as with all things, the comprehensive answer is much more complicated, and the devil is in the details. Coming from extensive Photoshop and…
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prm301-fi Take Your Premiere Pro Skills To a New Level
I'm happy to announce that I'll be doing a course on advanced workflows in Premiere Pro for fxphd.com this term. It's a great opportunity for me, and I believe for those of you who decide to take it as well. I've been a student of fxphd for over a year.…
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The Inevitable Convergence
It's interesting to watch various pieces of software slowly converging into the realm of tools which only a few years ago were beyond financial capabilities of most mortals. Premiere Pro slowly integrates tightly not only with After Effects (which received a long needed 3D boost in the CC release), but…
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