Welcome to the Solace of Simple Solutions!

Here our impatience and annoyance with the shortcomings of our favorite post-production tools is transformed into actual solutions.

Right now, a few plugins are already available for download. If you have suggestions for other products, place them on the future ideas page.

Feathered Crop Power Window Pure Contrast
Simple Mask Temperature Vignette
simple-mask_intro feature
macprogpu Apple’s move to FirePro GPUs in the new Mac Pro
Perhaps one of the biggest surprises during the recent sneak-peek of the new Mac Pro was the inclusion of AMD FirePro GPUs. While at first it might look like Apple again showing the middle finger to all CUDA users, and perhaps to Adobe or BlackMagic, "it ain't necessarily so". Personally,…
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Label users, beware!
Beware of a nasty bug in CS6: If you import the footage in such a way that a bin or a number of bins is created upon import, and you label your clips on the timeline, you might be in for a nasty surprise at some point. If you choose…
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00.-Understanding-Lift-Gamma-and-Gain I stand corrected…
In an excellent recent article on Pro Video Coallition Alexis van Hurkman explained how the terminology which I use in my Power Window filter, and in my Lift, Gamma, Gain tutorial is incorrect. The control called "Lift" should in fact be called "Offset", based on the way it works. Similarly,…
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RzrNaga2012_view3 The Case For Three-Button Mouse Editing
Mouse-driven editing has usually been associated with the lower end of video editing, and to a certain extent justifiably so. If I see a person using only his or her mouse to edit, I don't consider them very seriously. Editing is a tough job, and a human being has two…
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speedgrade-featured NAB Special – SpeedGrade revisited
Today at NAB Adobe revealed the next version of their video tools. From my perspective, the most interesting developments happened on the Premiere Pro front, and the next note will deal exactly with that. As of now, let's take a look at another promising part of the suite - the…
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01-Applying-Power-Window- Applying the Power Window effect
I've been both terribly busy and sick lately, thus the lack of the tutorial last week. Hopefully, something interesting will come out of my business next week, and I would advise you to follow my blog during NAB, if you are interested on my take on a few things that…
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00.-Understanding-Lift-Gamma-and-Gain Understanding Lift, Gamma and Gain
In this installment of our weekly tutorials, I aim to explain the concepts of three basic controls in the Power Window filter, namely Lift, Gamma and Gain. It's a bit longer than usual, and more theoretical, but I hope it serves well as an introduction to this topic: http://youtu.be/lFjO2zFYRgo
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matrices Major improvements in Vignette and Power Window
Some of you have complained that my plugins sometimes take a lot of memory to run, and that they are not CUDA accelerated. Well, GPU acceleration will have to wait for a moment longer, but I have coded a few improvements to the Power Window and Vignette which will result…
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AdobeAnywhere The brighter side of Anywhere
Today another interesting thought about Adobe Anywhere struck me. Essentially, part of the idea of Anywhere is to totally divide the UI from the renderer. The concept in itself is nothing new, and all 3D applications use it. However, as far as I know, it is the first time that…
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