Vignette – change log

1.3 (10 March 2012)

  • major improvements in the render time and memory usage
  • added various alpha falloffs
  • improved falloff for rectangular vignette

1.2 (30 July 2012)


  • Panel user interface
  • Option to fill with transparency


  • Feather calculation algorithm – warning: will wrongly interpret feather from previous versions of the plugin!

Download this version

1.1 (16 July 2012)

Full compatibility with Premiere Pro added. All blending modes supported.

Download this version:

1.0 (8 July 2012)

The first version of the plugin.

  • rectangular or elliptical vignette
  • fill inside or outside,
  • select color, blending mode, opacity,
  • limited graphical UI,
  • limited Premiere Pro support in Mask Only mode

Download this version:

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