A Plea For Help – Get GPU Acceleration Faster!

Update: I lowered the licensing prices in the contribution page, so if the amount was an issue for you, please take another look.

We would all like to have the GPU versions for the plugins as soon as possible. It so happens, that Adobe organizes event for developers in Seattle, right before the After Effects World conference, where the development of these things will be discussed.

Ordinarily I would attempt to reach the event by myself. However, recent circumstances in my life made it financially impossible to do it – my current contract ends in November, and I have no alternative in my sights yet. This is why I am asking for your help.

The event (The Developer’s Kitchen) is going to allow me to learn best practices, and to pick the brains of Adobe Team right at the source. The result will be that I will become more effective at this type of work, and will be able to produce better results more frequently. By helping me to get to Seattle, you will help yourself and others to get the stable GPU-accelerated versions earlier.

I already have a US visa. I need a ticket to Seattle and a bit of change to stay there for two days, and move around. The ticket costs about $1800-$2000, depending on the airline. It would be significantly cheaper (less than $1000) if I could stay for longer than a week, but my present contract does not allow for that. I need to choose the more expensive route.

If the goal is not reached, the money is not wasted, the development will just take longer, and will not be as optimized, as it could be, if I could pick the brains of Adobe team at its core. Depending on the amount collected, the money will either go for hardware updates, so that I can test the software on the latest OS (I’m currently locked in 10.7.5 without ability to upgrade), or supporting the life of me and my family in this tight times. The development will commence regardless, it will just take longer.

Please, help me with this project. If you can’t spare anything, please at least spread the word. The time is very short, and I need to decide fast, if I can go or not. The campaign page is located at the IndieGoGo website – Kickstarter only accepts US, UK, and Canada residents.

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