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Take Your Premiere Pro Skills To a New Level

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be doing a course on advanced workflows in Premiere Pro for this term. It’s a great opportunity for me, and I believe for those of you who decide to take it as well.

I’ve been a student of fxphd for over a year. When it comes to on-line training, Mike Seymour and John Montgomery offer something rather unique – a possibility to learn from the top-tier artists. The courses are not your average tutorials which you can easily find all over the Internet these days. The techniques are oriented at actual productions, and battle-tested. Above all, it is possible to interact with professors (teachers) in private forums. Most courses also offer you a choice of great footage to play with, and to include in your reel, if for some reason your current job does not supply you with such – and I can surely tell you a lot about it.

Personally I found the pricing quite attractive, despite living in the country with relatively small wages, especially considering the caliber of teachers that each term of fxphd offers. You can find there specialists and artists coming from the very top ranks of the industry, often recipients of prestigious awards. Reading bios of other professors I felt a little out of place with my meager decade of experience. It’s an honor to be part of this group.


I’m doing a 300 level course for Premiere, targeted at people who already know a little bit how the software works. If you need something less advanced, you can find at least 2 other 200 level courses for Premiere in the Vault (all classes available upon request). I will be exploring the viability of Premiere Pro as a finishing tool, and the real world workflows, including important considerations for media management, archival and backup. You can expect a number of tricks and best practices to streamline your workflow as well, and also the knowledge of how far you can push the software before it breaks, to avoid pitfalls and showstoppers during actual production.

The new features of 7.1 update will also be covered quite extensively in this course, including a brief overview of SpeedGrade, which essentially becomes the color correction tool for Premiere with the introduction of the Direct Link. For the full class outline visit fxphd website, and while you’re there, make sure to look around for other great courses this term. I know I myself will be attending some as well – a man learns all the time, and with the teachers like that, it’s always a great experience.

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