Power Window – change log

1.2 (22 May 2013)

  • renamed “Lift” to “Offset” to accurately reflect the functionality of the tool,
  • added CDL compliant color mode (gamma applied after offset and gain),
  • in CDL complaint mode “Clamp black on input” clamps the black to 0 after offset and gain adjustments have been calculated).

1.1 (10 March 2013)

  • major improvements in the render time
  • added clamp black on input to fix problems with gamma
  • modified feathering for rectangular mask

Download this version

1.0 (18 December 2012)

The first version of the plugin.

  • rectangular or elliptical shape
  • various falloff types,
  • adjust lift, gamma, gain and saturation on the inside and on the outside,
  • graphical UI

Download this version

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