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Conform Studio Receives a Major Update

The set of scripts that I developed for That Studio to manage their VFX workflow in After Effects has received two updates already, mostly thanks to the feature requests made by Josh from

First we allowed the precompositions to inherit source footage timecode during the conform process, and also to leave attrbitutes like time remapping, time stretch and others in the main composition. This minor update we released on Jun 19th, a mere 10 days after the first release of Conform Studio.

The second update to v1.2 had to wait for a month due to quite a heavy workload that I experienced at recent time. Finally, last week I had some free time to finish the work, update the user guide, and record the following tutorial:

One useful feature is the ability to add shots to your conformed composition – because we all know that edits never change, right? The script calculates the proper shot number, does the precomposition, and prepares everything for extraction. It’s a minor thing, but I imagine this will continue making this type of workflow easier.

The main update, however, concerned the extract script. We added “advanced processing” – the ability to move your composition or footage to selected folders (which the script will create for you if they are not already present in the project), and above all – the ability to run project or composition scripts during extraction.

This makes Conform Studio ultimately customizable. Whether you want to create a certain folder structure or setup your compositions in your own special way, the possibility is already in there. We’re trying to play as nice here, as possible.

Two default scripts are included in the download, heavily commented, hopefully making it easier for you to understand what is going on, and to customize them to your heart’s content. In a few days I might record another tutorial to explain how you can do it.

Hopefully in the future we will implement a solution that will allow you to avoid scripting altogether, making Conform Studio even more accessible, but for now, this has to suffice. Scripting is fun, but takes time.

Conform Studio can be yours today for just $79.00, saving you hours of menial work, and is available via

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