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Move That Anchor!

Being a casual After Effects user I find myself sometimes creating an animation path only to find out that I need to later reposition the anchor point of the layer to add rotation or scale. To my surprise, even with the abundance of AE Scripts on the market, I could not find a simple tool to remedy this problem. So I wrote one myself.

Sure, there is the Reposition Anchor Point which can do it for specific places on the layer, and the powerful swiss-army knife KeyTweak, but there is nothing that lets you perform this single operation freely and easily. Well, there wasn’t until now.

CI Move Anchor is my answer to this problem. It’s a simple script that you can obtain from aescripts+aeplugins website for a mere $3.99 – or any other amount, since it’s in the Name Your Own Price category. You can as well enter $0, if you really can’t afford it, and need it badly, or $100, if you are feeling generous, and want my endless appreciation.

Have fun!

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