Temperature – Instructions and Tutorials

The Temperature plugin will allow you to make the adjustments identical to SpeedGrade’s manipulation of Temperature and Tint sliders.


The plugin can be found in the effects group “Creative Impatience”, and is called “CI Temperature”. To apply it, drag it over the layer, to the effects panel, or in CS6 and later double click.



Temperature interface is very simple.

Temperature will apply the gain tint, sliding the highlights of the image on the orange/blue axis. Positive values warm up the image, negative cool it down.

Magenta will do the same as Temperature, only on the green/magenta axis. Positive values tint the image more magenta, negative more green.

Opacity will allow you to dial back the adjustment without the need to adjust the sliders.

Clamp on output will clamp the color channels if you want to make sure no values exceed 1.0. It only makes sense in 32-bit (Maximum Bit Depth) color mode. In 8-bit, the values are automatically clipped.

Creative applications

Did you find a creative application for this plugin? Share the idea with the rest of us!

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