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Creating Thumbnails Has Never Been Easier

One of the byproducts of my work on THAT Studio Panel extension for Premiere Pro and After Effects has been an After Effects script that would generate a massive amount of thumbnails for video files. The initial idea to use it to prepare Panel assets did get scrubbed along the way, and we never got to using it in our automated workflow, but I believe it was too valuable to go to waste. Therefore here it is – name any way that you want to generate frames from your After Effects compositions or video files, and Master Thumbnailer will do that for you.

As usual with all my tools, you get a healthy dose of customisability, covering all the scenarios that I could think of. Of course, if you need something more, let me know, and there is a chance I will implement it for you. The idea is to have a Swiss Army knife that does it all, instead of the necessity to use a bunch of tools from various vendors. I aim to make your workflow easier, perhaps enabling you to do things that you avoided or thought too time consuming to do.

Master Thumbnailer is distributed via, and here is the detailed overview of the capabilities of version 1.0:

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