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Masking in Premiere Pro and the Future of Creative Impatience

Now that Adobe finally added masking to Premiere Pro, it’s time to ask a serious question – what will happen now with Creative Impatience and the plugins available here? 

Let me start by saying, that I am glad, that we finally have an intrinsic solution to the original problem which sparked the creation of Creative Impatience – we can finally create vignettes without the need to resort to other plugins. The solution is very elegant, and it creates many more options, than any of my plugins could have, and on top of everything, is GPU accelerated in Premiere. Something that I hoped to deliver one day, but never managed.

Does it mean that the plugins are obsolete?

Some are. Simple Mask most definitely seems so. Vignette and Power Window for 90% of the uses most likely are. Feathered Crop though still remains more flexible than the inherent solutions, while Temperature and Pure Contrast are not in any way affected.

Will there be more plugins from Creative Impatience?

If I find the time to write them – yes. I have several ideas already. It would most certainly help if Red Giant’s Supernova was open to third-party developers, because it would shorten the development considerably, and ensure the OpenGL acceleration for these effects. I have still been unable to find time and wits to tackle CUDA versions, even though I seem to have OpenCL Temperature working fine. Hopefully a new release of SDKs will contain CUDA samples – this would help a lot.

Will there be commercial version of the plugins?

I don’t know. I don’t have time nor heart to code any license protection myself, and I am definitely not interested in becoming a full-time developer. On the other hand, it would be nice to have an alternate source of income. After I’ve gone freelance, I have a bit less time on my hands, than I used to, though. The future is uncertain.

In the end, I’d like to thank everyone who supported me with their donations. Some of you have been very generous, but I am grateful for every amount that you can spare. I’d like to thank everyone who pressed the “donate” button, especially since the brand “Creative Impatience” became effectively synonymous with “free plugins”. You guys and gals rock!

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